Sleep one night in our hotel and then the next day, fly in a balloon in an experience in the middle of Nature that combines emotion, serenity, el relax, the landscape ... Enjoy with your family and friends a gentle walk through the Mediterranean sky.

Carried by the wind, we will contemplate the beauty of an unforgettable sunrise. While the sun has just painted the world in colors, we will play with the wind touching the clouds above the mountains and forests. We will get away from the rush, stress and daily routine and we will enjoy the peace and freedom of riding on the back of the Wind.

Flying in a balloon is a dream that most people have not yet had the chance to make come true. An unforgettable experience that can be the best gift.
So we will spend the day of flight:

8:00h. - Breakfast
At the meeting point and displacement with the TOTGLOBO vehicles
to the take-off field to start inflating the balloons.

8:30h. - We fly
The balloon begins to rise gently: we're flying. For an hour
we will let ourselves be carried away by the wind contemplating the entire landscape of the
Valencian mountains with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

9:30 h. - Landing of the balloons
The support team will meet with us and help us collect the balloon.
Together we will toast with cava in Nature to celebrate the balloon trip.

10:00 h. - Typical lunch
And delivery of the Flight Certificates and the photos of the balloon trip to the

12:00 h. - End of the activity and farewell

The hours are indicative and vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions

Stay with flight included for 230 € per person.