Catas de Vinos en Bodegas Francisco Gómez

Francisco Gomez winery, Ctra. Villena – Pinoso 8.8 Km, Villena Spain

An incomparable environment to establish modern wineries that prioritize quality, sustainability and respect for the environment. You will take a guided tour of the chapel, the winery square, the vineyards, the winery, the barrel cellar, the bottling room, the bottle rack, the hermitage of Fondillón, the society of niches and the oil museum.

With duration of visit of 1 hour.

Rutas Senderismo en Las Virtudes, Valencia

Rutas de senderismo en Ruta de las Virtudes de Villena Además os ofrecemos algunas rutas realizadas y que se pueden descargar de Wikiloc.

Con Hotel Rural La Façana y
Sleep one night in our hotel and then the next day, fly in a balloon in an experience in the middle of Nature that combines emotion, serenity, el relax, the landscape ... Enjoy with your family and friends a gentle walk through the Mediterranean sky.

Carried by the wind, we will contemplate the beauty of an unforgettable sunrise. While the sun has just painted the world in colors, we will play with the wind touching the clouds above the mountains and forests. We will get away from the rush, stress and daily routine and we will enjoy the peace and freedom of riding on the back of the Wind.

Flying in a balloon is a dream that most people have not yet had the chance to make come true. An unforgettable experience that can be the best gift.
Estancia en el hotel Rural La Façana con vuelo en globo incluido por 230€ por persona y dia.

The turismo rural offering Let is a Boutique accommodations province Alicante and makes the tourists enjoy Let and keep a good memory of your stay in Let.

In its stay in Biar, You can perform the following activities:

Visits to the castle in Biar:

Biar Castle perched on a high hill from which it dominates the town of the same name, a small population in the north of the province of Alicante, very close to a Villena and to 30 km from Alicante capital. His communication is good thanks to its proximity to the national highway.

Hours Castillo:
Tuesday to Friday: of 11 a 13 h.

Saturdays: of 10 a 14 h y de 16 a 18 h.

Domingos y festivos: of 10 a 14 h.

Enjoy the history of Biar and their parties.

Visit the remains of the walls that enclosed the town and the arches of the entrances to the village of Biar, samples were splendor of times past.

Enjoy Biar as an ideal for those seeking tranquility and stay in touch with nature.

Enjoy the facilities, spaces for recreation and fun Biar offers.

Moreover, about forty-five kilometers is Alicante, coastal city with good beaches.

Our hotel can arrange horseback riding through the magnificent landscapes of Biar.

They may engage in Spa,Sauna,baños turcos,etc., Our hotel is pleased to inform.

Description of the Villa de Biar:

So Biar is a rustic small town that enjoys very captivating natural landscapes located in the sierra fontanella.

The first thing one sees when approaching to Biar Castle is on a hill and the people surrounding it.

This view, together with the buildings and streets, Biar make an attractive and beautiful site.